Our Team

Meet our

Managing Directors

Carolina Poniaczyk


Carolina is an Early Childhood Educator and graduated from the Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia in 2016.

She has over 20 years of experience running her own successful business and she holds an MBA in Marketing. Her passion for education awakened 15 years ago when her first son was born.

Being a mom of 4 combined with her experience creating the desire to open Stars for Life.

A place where children are loved and cared for and guarantees all the tools they need for learning and developing healthy minds.

Carolina speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Adriana Sestini


Adriana is an Early Childhood Educator, holding a bachelor’s degree in Education, specializing in Early Childhood Education and School administration, and a specialization degree in Psycho-pedagogy.

She has been working in education for more than 20 years, not only teaching but also as head of the department and helping daycare owners create childcare-focused curriculum.

Her passion for education started at an early age with volunteer participation in poverty communities.

In addition to being an Educator, she has 3 children who embraced the daily goal of making the world a better place.

Adriana speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Meet our

Qualified Teachers

Early Childhood Educators

Ms. Christine Jeong

Christine has been in the early childhood field for 4 years, and in the past has worked as a lead teacher in a toddler and preschool classroom in Vancouver, where she lived after college.
She has a Diploma in early childhood education from MTI Community College. She also has a Bachelor's degree in music from South Korea University.
Recently she concluded the Montessori Assistant Certificate as well. Christine has a passion for early learning, especially enriching young minds through play and conscious experiences.
In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, doing yoga, and enjoying life with her family and friends.
Christine speaks English and Korean

Mrs. Maryam Montajabi

Maryam has a bachelor’s degree from Mashhad University.
She was a high school teacher in IRAN for 21 years. She came to Canada six and a half years ago and started working with a Family Child Development Certificate in 2016.
In 2017 Maryam applied for her ECE and worked at the same time. As a teacher, she always prioritizes listening and understanding children to be able to create a better relationship with them and make communication easier.
She loves creating artwork, especially with kids because she wants to help them bring out their imaginations into creative visual pieces.
Maryam speaks English and Farsi

Ms. Maricela Ochoa

Maricela has recently graduated as an Early Childhood Educator from Vancouver Career College in 2020, she says being an ECE has been the best decision that she has ever made.
Since she started on the field, her passion for the children has been growing and one of her goals is to help or teach them at any stage of their life.
She is from Honduras and she has been in Canada since 2012.
In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, watch a movie, and go for a run.
Maricela speaks English and Spanish

Ms. Lutfiya Mamadsafoeva

Lutfiya Mamadsafoeva completed her undergraduate studies in Linguistics, specializing in English and German Languages.
She worked as an English language teacher for five years at the secondary level in Tajikistan.
She then completed her double Master's degree in Teaching and Arts at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK.
In March 2021 she relocated to Vancouver, Canada, and obtained her ECE certificate from the Pacific Rim, Institute of Early Childhood Education. She is continuing her ECE studies with Pacific Rim to obtain an ECE diploma.
Lutfiya speaks English Tajik, Wakhi (a Pamiri Language), and some Russian.

Early Childhood Educator Assistants

Ms. Baylee Siu

Teacher Assistant

Baylee is an Early Childhood Educator Assistant, recently graduated from UBC, and completed her assistant program at the Montessori training center of BC.

She’s been volunteering and working at different schools for the past few years as she plans to pursue ECE in the future.

She finds education to be a very rewarding and fruitful profession.

Baylee speaks English and Mandarin